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For decades, vaccine manufacturers have operated with what seems to be an alarming lack of accountability. The time has come for us to hold them responsible for their actions, for their fraudulent and criminal activities that have caused untold harm. This is the essence of Protocol-7 - a powerful vehicle for truth, justice, and accountability. Through this film, we aim to spotlight the fraud and corruption that have infiltrated the heart of a pharmaceutical giant. A corporation that has, time and time again, acted as though it is above the law, prioritizing its own interests over the welfare of the people it is meant to serve.

The truth is, without this film, the documents included in the current case may very well be sealed, locked away from public scrutiny, never to be discussed again. And with that, we lose our chance for accountability, for justice, for the unvarnished truth. It is a reality we cannot accept. It is a future we must reject.

We invite you, to play a pivotal role in the release of Protocol-7. It is through your support, your dedication, and your commitment that we can ensure that the viewers of this film have the opportunity to understand the truth, and make informed decisions.

Why Direct to Consumer?

Authentic Storytelling: By bypassing big distributors, we maintain the integrity of our story, ensuring it remains unaltered, true to its vision & message.

Global Reach, Local Touch: This approach allows us to reach audiences worldwide, yet resonate on a personal level, irrespective of borders or regions.

Direct Connection: We believe in fostering a direct relationship with our audience. You're not just viewers; you're partners, collaborators, and co-creators.

Why Your Support Matters:

Amplify Our Message: Every contribution helps to magnify our reach, ensuring the film’s powerful message resonates far and wide.

Exclusive Perks: As a token of our gratitude, we're offering exclusive merchandise and unique experiences for our backers.

Power in Unity: Big distributors have deep pockets, but we have something even more powerful - an extremely passionate community. Together, we can make waves while exposing the truth that has been kept from us for far too long.

Our Call to Action:

Protocol-7 isn't just a movie. It’s a roaring statement to those shadowy entities that feel they stand above accountability. Without this film, the story we're telling — a crucial, earth-shaking narrative — would remain buried, silenced. But we refuse to let that happen. Now, it's our shared mission to ensure this film reaches every corner, every screen, every eye and ear. We're on the precipice of launching a grand marketing drive, but such endeavors come with hefty price tags.

This is where you come in.

Join our ranks, fortify our cause, and play an instrumental role in broadcasting a story that must be heard. Every dollar, every share, every word of encouragement fuels our drive. Together, let’s not just release a film — let's send forth a movement.
Contribute today, be part of the mission, and let's together ensure Protocol-7 becomes a household name.

Thank you for your dedication, your support, and your commitment to this cause. Together, we can make a difference, and together, we can bring about the change we so desperately need.